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Lodi 2015: The Rationale

World population is growing at rapid pace, expected to exceed 9 billion in 2050. This will strain the already limited natural resources: water, energy, arable land. As a consequence, to feed the planet we need to change the way these resources are used in agriculture. Efficiency is key to fight water shortage, food scarcity and poverty. This can be done only with a strong commitment for research, innovation and entrepreneurship, to achieve sustainable productivity. Within the framework of EXPO2015, the Lombardy Demonstration Initiative - LoDI2015 - aims to combine expertise, technologies and solutions for sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry to promote knowledge exchange, technology transfer and business opportunities. Lodi, South-East of Milan, will be the first stop into the Po Valley food district, and the location where the demonstration sites will be set up.

Scope of the project

  • Present innovative approach and technologies to smallholder agriculture.
  • Promote rational and efficient use of resources, showing innovation trends for different crops and Scope of the project agricultural conditions.
  • Focus on drip irrigation as key element to increase efficiency and sustainability in agriculture.


The visits to the demo plot will be targeted to specific audiences:

  1. Institutions:
    • Delegations of the International Participants + FAO, UN, EU
    • Lombardy and national institutions
  2. Private sector:
    • Farmers and professionals
    • Associations of farmers/companies
    • Processing industry
  3. Academia:
    • Universities of agricultural sciences
    • Research Centers
  4. Italian and foreign visitors, families, students


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Location - Lodi Research Cluster

The plot will be installed within the facilities of the Agro-Food Research Cluster of Lodi, 30 km South-East from Milan and 55 km from the EXPO site of Rho-Pero.