Agricultural Storage


This structure (greenhouse tunnel) for agricultural storage have been created to match target market that wants to develop a minimum of logistic infrastructure for agricultural vehicles, machines, bales and materials in general.

Therefore, IDROMECCANICA LUCCHINI has studied and set up a greenhouse model specifically for this issue: storage of hay bales, thus providing a safe shelter through a robust, economic and spacious structure. Moreover, it is easy-to-assemble.

These structures can store as well very high and bulky agricultural vehicles.

The simplicity of the structure and its technology allow a relevant costs reduction, be competitive on the market with very attractive prices compared to  traditional infrastructures (i.e. sheds)


The greenhouses agricultural storage are offered with:

  • Galvanized structure with galvanized arches - pipe diam. Ø 60 (for structures up to 10 m wide) and pipe diam. Ø 76 (for structures up to to 12 m).
  • Spacer rafters as connectors among the arches.
  • Tie-beam is embedded in any greenhouse version.
  • Coverage:
    • PE film (life cycle: 6/7 years), available in green or white.
    • PVC film (long-lasting) available in various colors (also fireproof).
  • Possibility of coating front and creating access doors.

Standard sizes

Width Height (tie-beam) Height (ridge)
8,00 m 4,50 m 5,20 m
10,00 m 5,65 m 6,50 m
12,00 m 5,50 m 6,70 m

Note: This kind of greenhouse can be wholly customized. Changes in design regarding width and height are possible on request.