Automatic Systems


IDROMECCANICA LUCCHINI provides a wide range of mechanisms, motors and control systems for greenhouses.

Such systems facilitate climate management inside the greenhouse through the automation of ventilation (sides and ridge openings), the installation of automatic thermal panels in greenhouses or installation of other devices such as artificial lighting, automatic gates or computerized management of the whole structure.

IDROMECCANICA LUCCHINI has a portfolio of top tier solutions as follows:

  • Gear motors for side openings with rolling movement on telescopic or sliding rails
  • Gear motors for ridge openings through a conductor pipe and racks
  • Complete systems of roll-bar openings with aluminium pipes and side-scrolling engine
  • Complete systems of Top-Down openings (Bottom-Up)
  • Switchboards designed and tailored for climate management: temperature, wind, rain and moisture
  • Automatic systems for internal shading control
  • Automatic doors for mobile machines entry into the greenhouse
  • Artificial lightning system
  • Remote controlled systems with computerized management