Rigid Plastic Materials

Rigid Plastic Materials

Cover for Greenhouses


IDROMECCANICA LUCCHINI,as an alternative to plastic films,can provide rigid sheets for roofing and front side panels of greenhouses such as,Foamed polycarbonate, Wavy/ridged polycarbonate, Wavy fiberglass, Thermo-insulating panel.


  • U.V resistant.
  • Life cycle: 1Oyears
  • Available thickness: mm. 4.0 - 6.0-8.0 - 10
  • Available colours:Transparent- Opal - Blue - Green-Bronze

Thickness Life-cycle Kg/m2
mm.4 10years Kg.1,0
mm.6 Kg.1,3
mm.8 Kg.1,5
mm.10 Kg.1,7

Available colours and relative light transmission:

  • Transparent: 82%
  • Opal: 60%
  • Blue: 27%
  • Green: 42%
  • Bronze: 35%
  • Max. dimensions:2,10 mx 12 m


Sheets in polycarbonate are extruded and profiled in wave-shaped or Greek fret. The slabs are characterized by high transparency, high resistance to weathering,and shocks. These slabs are shaped in order to fit perfectly to the hedging of our facilities and related front side panels with doors embedded.

Crimped features

  • Wave 76/18
  • Thickness: 0.8 mm /1.0
  • Max. dimensions:vmm. 1.265x12.000

Polycarbonate features:

  • Greek 76/18
  • Thickness: 0.8 mm /1.0
  • Max.dimensions:vmm. 1.265x12.000


The advantage of reflected light and the chance of unlimited use
Agriculture uses the corrugated fiberglass especially due to its particular light filtering capability, ensuring an excellent diffusion effect of light.
The versatility of the material allows an unlimited product life cycle. Indeed, it allows the use of straight plates that are adapted according to the structure on which they are set up, and self-centering up to a minimum radius of3.00m.

Other advantages that have widespread its use in this sector are:

  • U.V-proof. It blocks totally any U.V ray through its structure
  • Hail-proof. Excellent resistance

Available in:

  • Slabs U.V resistant.Wave 76/18 with GelCoat
  • Max. dimensions: m1.65 x m 12.50
  • Life cycle10 years
  • Rolls available with heights of m: 0.50 -0.75-1.00-1.50 - 2.00-3.00 - 4.00
  • Available lengths: mt.30- mt.40

Available colours and relative light transmission:

  • Neutral 86%
  • Metallic 00%
  • Green 77%
  • Milky white 32%


IDROMECCANICALUCCHINIprovidesmetal self-supporting panels with thermo-insulating capability. They are made of mineral wool with outstanding performances in thermo-insulation and fireproof.


  • Available thickness range: from 25 to 100mm