Greenhouse Irrigation System

Greenhouse Irrigation System


Nebulization System

IDROMECCANICA LUCCHINI designs and manufactures nebulization systems as hanging irrigation with particular reliability and efficiency.

System layout is based on a set of distribution lines. These are made of a special aluminum alloy (pipes Ø 33 or 40) with a quick joint made out from pipe itself (this process is done in-house by Idromeccanica Lucchini). Then, these lines are drilled automatically at a proper distance of each hole in order to guarantee effectiveness to any specific kind of nebulization.

In order to integrate irrigation lines, following items are available:

  • Various types of aluminum conjunctions, of different shapes, to suit any user.
  • Each tube is provided with a hook spiral locking stainless steel to ensure watertight safety.
  • Automatic line-end drainage in PVC.
  • Hooks or galvanized steel chains in order to hang the system above plants.
  • In function of greenhouse width and water flow required, various models of nebulizers in PVC are available accompanied by threaded bushes for pipe fastening.
  • Furthermore, the system can operate manually or automatically by using solenoid valves and specific hydraulic station. Of course these items are tailored for any specific need.


Mobile watering bars, fogging, sewage, automatic or semiautomatic.

Main Features

  • Steel frame with aluminum profile bar.
  • Traction bar to 220V three-phase, protection class IP55.
  • Speed is controlled by inverter.
  • Trolleys for plating
  • Mini Israeli sprinkler
  • Butterfly nebulizer
  • Single or double rail made of galvanized profiles
  • Trolleys with wheels mounted on ball bearings and double rollers in order to ensure excellent stability
  • Trolley with double wheel-stand, size 45mm
  • Bar with single or double row of nozzles mounted on a stainless steel tube
  • Supporting nozzle bar with telescopic for height adjustment
  • Bar mobility is assured by a steel rope
  • Frame can be galvanized and/or painted
  • It is a modular system, then is adaptable to be assembled in any greenhouse
  • FORWARD SPEED  m/min  From 2 to 16 other speeds, on request
  • POWER INSTALLED  230V 0.5 KW 50/60Hz


In order to match market demand, our company with a long experience in the sector has improved manual and automatic micro-irrigation systems, designed to operate at low flow rate and pressure.

Micro-irrigation in greenhouses means to irrigate slowly, homogeneously and slightly. Thus plants growth is spurred without compacting the soil.

Idromeccanica Lucchini is available for any information or investment proposal.


For cooling and optimal in-door moistening, IDROMECCANICA LUCCHINI recommends fogging system with nebulizers.


  • Lowers temperature in greenhouse
  • Increases humidity in greenhouse
  • Outputs very fine drops (average of 55 microns)
  • Capability to obtain the optimal conditions for germination
  • Anti-drop system is installed inside the "Foggers"
  • Various capacities of Nebulizer are available


MICROJET is well proven with outstanding performance that is qualified for utility, effectiveness and convenience. Irrigation is perfect and balanced. Of course, this system must be properly calculated.

The irrigation system includes following items:

  • A pre-assembled micro-tube with pitch and flow tailored on request
  • A tube positioned at the base of each seedling allows irrigation and sewage  precisely targeted, according to the need of each crop.
  • This system allows an optimization of water consumption.
  • The whole system can be assembled by the customer.

Our company provides microjet systems for cultivations in greenhouse or open field. The system is integrated with:

  • Micro-drilled hoses with auto-compensation system. They are available in different diameters and pitches.
  • Dipsticks of various types
  • Manifolds in PE or HELIFLAT
  • Accessories for system assembly


This system allows to perform sewage: irrigation with addition of those chemicals useful for crop growth optimization through precise dosages.

The dosing unit is installed in-line, following the irrigation system and exploits water pressure as a driving force.

When is running, it accomplishes these following steps:

  • It suctions concentrated product and doses it to the desired percentage.
  • The percentage is homogenized with driving water in the mixing chamber
  • The solution produced is then delivered to the line
  • Product dose is injected and remains constant and strictly proportional to the volume of water passing through the dispenser, regardless of variations in pressure and flow rate which may occur
  • Due to the high precision of the dosing, it eliminates any excess thus ensuring crop’s health and greater respect for the environment nearby.


  • Crop fertilization
  • Treatment: dosages of phytosanitary products, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides
  • Disinfect and ensure maintenance
  • In general, it is perfect for dosing any liquid or water-soluble.

The Advantages:

  • Can be installed using the existing irrigation circuit
  • Dispenser does not require any electric node because is wholly driven by hydraulic power
  • Dosing accuracy avoids any waste of product
  • Dispenser autonomy saves from any kind of manual intervention
  • Continuous flow process
  • It can be adjusted via remote

Maintenance service and repair of dispensers are provided by Idromeccanica Lucchini.