The MINIATLANTIC is a small greenhouse designed to meet the numerous requests of hobbyists or growers who want to cover small areas for production.

This type of greenhouse is composed by a structure with vertical walls in order to exploit wholly all spaces.
It is fully customizable in order to match customer demand and needs.
The cover is made of plastic film with single or double layer.

MINIGARDEN version is realized with a cover wholly made of polycarbonate in order to obtain a long lasting coverage. Therefore, cycling maintenance is not compulsory.


MINIATLANTIC greenhouses are supplied with:

  • Galvanized structure with galvanized arches pipes, diam. Ø 32.
  • Tie-beam as reinforcement is an optional.
  • Coverage for MINIATLANTIC is a long-lasting single or double layer film. Matt film is used in case the greenhouse is used as warehouse.
  • Coverage for MINIGARDEN is composed by transparent polycarbonate sheets.
  • Winding openings with aluminum profiles or roller tube with film tensioner.
  • Front sides are available either wholly wrapped in a plastic film or transparent wavy polycarbonate.

Standard sizes

Width Height (column) Height (ridge)
2,00 m On request 2,00m
2,70 m 2,50m
3,20 m 2,70m
4,00 m 3,00m