Protective materials: Mulch For Horticulture

Mulch (also bio-organic mulch) is an environmentally friendly product and it controls pests and temperature of the ground.


It is a black coating film, produced with a combination of many kind of polyethylene, designed to ensure excellent mechanical resistance to tear, puncture, to wear, and allows the complete removal from the ground at the end of use.
BLACK GOBLIN is manufactured in compliance with the UNI EN 13655 2002 standard and, on request, can be punched or micro-perforated.


Film formulated with a dual function: soil solarization and mulching.
It has a calibrated transparency to visible radiation and in the short infrared band it allows effective treatments of sunburn, while a low transmittance in PAR, which limits the development of the majority of weeds, makes the film  able to be used as a mulch in the cultivation phase, when soil’s heating favors the crop’s earliness.
SUNBURN FUME 'products are in compliance with the UNI EN 13655 2002 standard, where applicable and upon request, can be punched or micro-perforated.


Mulching black film in EVA / C, with coating capabilities that far exceeds those prescribed by EN 13655 2002.
It combines durability, elasticity, even at low temperatures, wear and tear resistance. Thus it is ideal to be used multi-yearly in vineyards, orchards, white asparagus cultivations, vivarium and reforestation plants.


It is a special film, which has a great ground heating in order to enhance crop’s earliness.
The transparency in the infrared short band speeds up roots development, while a photo-selective system of the solar spectrum limits the proliferation of weeds.
The movie GREEN PHOTOSELECTIVE are produced in compliance with the UNI EN 13655 2002, where applicable and upon request, can be perforated or perforated.


Mulch film obtained from biodegradable thermoplastic materials based on starches
(Mater-Bi ® Novamont).
At the end of life-cycle, ECOPAC FILM can be milled directly into the ground, or sent to composting, drastically lowering the cost of collection, disposal and processing times.
Therefore, it allows an effective mulching, healthy and protective. It offers an inexpensive solution to whom is concerned to environmental behavior.
The characteristics (biodegradability and absence of phyto-toxicity of degradation intermediates) were successfully tested during a research project committed by the European Commission (bio-plastics).


It is composed by a very robust and porous fabric, which provides high resistance to wear and can be used multiple times.
It ensures air flowing to the underlying ground, keeping it alive.
Excess water seeps through the fabric without creating stagnation.
It is made of UV resistant polypropylene fabric.

It is packaged in rolls of 100 m. width x : 1.05 m - 2.10 m - 3.15 m - 4.20 m- 5.25 m. Larger reels are available on request.

Available colors: BLACK / GREEN / WHITE
Weight (g./m2): 100