MultyAtlantic Evolution Greenhouses


MULTYATLANTIC EVOLUTION multi-span greenhouses are technologically advanced, suitable for intensive farming in horticulture and floriculture that mostly need a solid structure, as well as combined with the most advanced systems of ventilation and climate management.
The reinforced structure with lattice arches and squared columns offers extensive guarantees thanks to the resistance against wind, snow, and at the same time allows hanging support to various types of cultivation.


MULTYATLANTIC EVOLUTION greenhouses are offered with:

  • Structure galvanized, squared columns 80x80 and 100x100 with thickness calculated and galvanized arches diam.Ø 60 complete with tie-beam.
  • Long-lasting plastic film with single or double layers as coverage.
  • It is possible to install an opening at the ridge.
  • Roll-up side windows, manual or automatic.
  • Possibility of engine openings with computerized management.
  • Front sides are available either wholly wrapped in a plastic film or transparent wavy polycarbonate.

Standard sizes

Width Height (tie-beam) Height(ridge)
Multiple of 6,40 m Variable up
to m 6,50 height
Tie-beam height + 1,60 m
Multiple of 8,00 m Tie-beam height + 2,00 m
Multiple of 9,00 m Tie-beam height + 2,20 m
Multiple of 9,60 m Tie-beam height + 2,50 m
Multiple of 10,00 m Tie-beam height + 2,50 m
Multiple of 10,50 m Tie-beam height + 2,80 m
Multiple of 12,00 m Tie-beam height + 3,00 m
Multiple of 12,80 m Tie-beam height + 3,00 m

Note: This kind of greenhouse can be wholly customized. Changes in design regarding width and height are possible on request.