MultyAtlantic Greenhouses


MULTYATLANTIC multi-span greenhouses are based on a single central column -diam. Ø 60 - with the characteristic of having a right moulded side that  is connected to the upper arch - diam.Ø 60.- of the roof.

MULTIATLANTIC is a very demanded model as well as its ‘sister’ with single-span ATLANTIC. This greenhouse is implemented in both sectors: horticulture and floriculture.

Customization is various:

  • Different types of coverage (particularly recommended plastic film with double inflated layer, which normally allows an energy saving of 40%)
  • Front panels wrapped with foamed polycarbonate, or transparent with sliding or hinged doors and as optional, panic doors.
  • Possibility of installing windows on the ridge and sides, manual or automatic

Also on this greenhouse model IDROMECCANICA LUCCHINI is available to customize structure and coverage as specified by the customer.


MULTYATLANTIC greenhouses are offered with:

  • Galvanized structure with galvanized arches - diam.Ø 60 - complete with tie-beam.
  • Connecting eaves, galvanized or in aluminum.
  • Coverage with long-lasting plastic film, single or double layer.
  • Winding openings with aluminum profiles or roller tube with film tensioner.
  • Front sides are available either wholly wrapped in a plastic film or transparent wavy polycarbonate.
  • It is possible to install ridge opening.
  • Possibility of electronic openings managed by computer.

Standard sizes

Width Height
Multiple of 6,00 m Up to 6,00 m + 1,60 m ridge height
Multiple of 7,00 m + 1,80 m ridge height
Multiple of 8,00 m + 2,00 m ridge height
Multiple of 9,00 m + 2,20 m ridge height
Multiple of 9,60 m + 2,50 m ridge height
Multiple of 10,00 m + 2,50 m ridge height

Note: MULTYATLANTIC can be wholly customized. Changes in design regarding width and height are possible on request.