Protective materials: Anti-Algae Reservoirs

For the construction of reservoirs, water storages, or the settling of industrial and livestock products required by law, it is necessary an adequate sealing of the reservoir itself.
The agricultural sector, in particular, is very sensitive to water recycling for economic and environmental reasons. More and more in agri-business there is a need to create reservoirs for collecting, heating and decanting of water from wells and public channels.
Sure, soil is not properly repellent. Therefore, is essential to adopt a waterproof system.


It is range of films EVA / C, a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate with a high content of UVA.
It offers excellent elasticity, thus it can be easily adapted to small roughness of the soil. Excellent is also its resistance to perforation as well as surface yield characteristics. These are conferred by its specific weight of only 450 g. / m2. It is suitable for food use, drinking water catchments and fish farming. The compatibility of the product with harsh chemicals in solution can be determined, from time to time, with the support of our technical consulting.
On request, product can be pre-assembled at the factory.

Placing process:

  • When laying the cloth should be spread carefully, this after having carefully checked that surface is smooth. It is recommended for optimal shutter speed to avoid windy days.
  • The joints must be made using a welder air jet and compressing the edges with a roller. In this case, the sheets should, preferably, be ballasted considering that the film has a lower specific gravity compared to 'water.
  • For small repairs and maintenance it is advisable to use a special double-sided tape.
  • In order to cover the reservoir perimeter, it is suggested to use IDROEVA film, otherwise a cheaper mulch.


  • Specific weight: 450/500 g. / m2.
  • Average thickness: 0.5 mm
  • Life cycle: 10 years (in water)
  • Max size: 40 x 50 m (one side has to be multiple of 4 m)