Shading Structures


SHADING STRUCTURES are specific systems developed to provide shade to crops as well as it works as barrier, protection in case of hail or similar agents.

This product is really various, layout wise: we do project flat roof structures that are covered by uniform nets and shading nets with different degrees of shading. Moreover, these nets are customized to any sector, especially to wrap curve arches and no-linear roofs. Doing so, nets can be rolled-up (optional) when their function is not necessary.

Depending on customer needs, we will be able to size and provide the most suitable structures with the best ratio of quality / price.

These products are unique to be easy-to-use and easy-to-handle.


SHADING STRUCTURES are offered with:

  • Galvanized structure with flat roof or curved roof (with arches).
  • Coverage is offered as a shading/anti-hail net. Colors available are: white / green / black, with different degrees of shading.
  • Assembly/disassembly systems for nets are provided with clips, aluminum profiles and winding pipes.
  • Product is wholly customizable.