Tables & Flower Displays

Tables & Flower Displays

Tables and Flower Displays for Nurseries and Garden Centers

IDROMECCANICA LUCCHINI experienced in Greenhouses production worldwide, presents the aluminum tables and flower displays line for Floriculture and Horticulture.


The tables for flowers and plants are fully customizable and tailored on your needs. Made with galvanized steel supporting frame and treated bolts. The tray structure is realized with aluminum alloy in order to guarantee lightness and avoid corrosion due to the constant water exposure.

POLISTIRENE water trays, UV treated, with drainage ducts for ensuring a good water distribution and allowing ebb & flow system. Filter to prevent stack of residues as soil and leaves, and valve for Ebb & Flow irrigation system.

Aluminum water trays or steel net shelves are supplied on demand.

Fixed feet with height adjustment, or with swivel castors with manual brake.

The tables can be fixed or mobile (rolling benches), equipped with a system on guides thus allow to use the space in the best way. Height adjustment is a feature plus to make the bottom perfectly horizontal.


The benches can be even equipped with ground heating system through with polyethylene wavy line under shelf or with HOT BOX heating mats.
The HOT BOX is a made-to-measure aluminum mat which encourages germination, propagation and growth of seedlings and cuttings by delivering constant, uniform heat to the base of seed trays and plant pots. Thermostat with sensor included to manage the temperature.


Working tables suitable for pots and pyramid benches used in Garden Centers for plants exhibition.

All our products can be equipped with wheels and brake system.