These greenhouses are basically extracted by ATLANTIC EVOLUTION layout, and then are adapted with different types of coverage and coating to work as warehouse, storage or processing areas, technic areas in assistance to crops production .

The structure is developed according to wind action and snow loads typical of the targeted geographic spot and related to the coverage forecasted.

Simplicity and extensive customization of access model and ventilation characterize this type of structures.


The greenhouses WAREHOUSE model are offered with:

  • Galvanized structure with single or multiple span.
  • Roofs can be equipped with
    • Reinforced long-lasting polyethylene (life-cycle 6/7 years), green or white.
    • PVC film (life-cycle: 10 years) available in various colors (also fireproof).
  • Thermo-insulating or rigid plastic panels.
  • Manual or automatic doors/gates (dimensions are tailored).
  • Ventilation system is an optional (side and rooftop ventilation).

Standard sizes

Width Height (tie-beam) Height (ridge)
from 6,00 to 14,00 m
per span 
Variable height
up to m 6,00
Variable and
related to width
Single or multi
span structures, on request

Note: This structure can be wholly customized. Changes in design regarding width and height are possible on request.