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Thanks to Tomato+ you have fresh vegetables, spices and herbs whenever you want.

A Made in Italy mini-vegetable garden, independent of the seasons and the climate. Savor the aromas and aromas typical of Mediterranean cuisine directly at your home.



Correct lighting at the right time

Day and night, sunrise and sunset. And then again day and night. The LEDs reproduce the daily light cycle in a faithful and natural way. Each light frequency is meticulously calibrated for the healthy growth of vegetables.

Bright like the sun, discreet for the environment

Studied in every little detail to be a healthy life partner, thanks to the darkened windows it will be like not having it. Your room will remain in a pleasant half-light, even when Tomato+ will be full day. With just one click on the touch screen, open a window to a bright world, where your vegetables grow lush and healthy.

The ideal microclimate

With Tomato+ you can bring the warmth of the Mediterranean climate directly to your home. Each shelf is a world full of light, heat, delicate rain and pure air.

The characteristics of the vegetable

The vegetable that grows with Tomato+, besides being of excellent quality, maintains all the characteristics of naturalness, without GMOs, chemical additives and pesticides. We also safeguard the planet with water savings and lower CO2 emissions than traditional crops and transport.

Natural nutritive elements, ready to use

Calcium, iron, potassium, zinc. These are just some of the macro and micro elements naturally contained in the ground. The same contents contained within the nutritive solution. Predosed and ready to use.


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