MultyHortus Greenhouses


MULTIHORTUS greenhouse has been designed for customers who have large surfaces of coverage. The strenghts of this model are its affordability, quality and robustness.
Its main technical feature is a single central column fixed to the ground with a "helix" or a " base plate".

Another important feature is the presence of a robust galvanized gutter on which they are installed special batch rollers and clips for fixing plastic film tension. This system can be made also with galvanized profiles and PVC firm plastic in case of double layer coverage.

The structure is simple and combines the advantages of quick installation, customization of systems (mainly ventilation), tailored to any specific crop that is to be carried out within the structure.

The tie-beam reinforcement and greenhouse span will be sized according to the production (crop supports or hanging irrigation system) as well as to its geographic position due to wind exposure and snow load.

It is one of the models that made the historical experience of IDROMECCANICA LUCCHINI. Indeed, it is still one of the products considered an "excellence" for its constant demand by customers in every part of Italy and the world. The very competitive price ensures wide distribution of this greenhouse model.


MULTYHORTUS greenhouses are offered with:

  • Galvanized structure with columns and arches galvanized pipe -diam.Ø 60- complete with tie-beam on every arch.
  • Coverage made of long-lasting plastic film, single or double layer.
  • inding openings fastened on valley gutter with stretchers or profile.
  • Front openings with roll-up film, otherwise can be wrapped with film, foamed polycarbonate or crimped/transparent.
  • It is possible to install ridge openings.
  • Possibility of electronic openings managed by computer.

Standard sizes

Width Height (tie beam) Height (ridge)
Multiple of 8,00 m Variable height
up to m 3,50
tie-beam height + 1,80
Multiple of 9,00 m tie-beam height + 2,00 m
Multiple of 10,00 m tie-beam height + 2,30 m

Notes: This type of greenhouse can be designed and built with single-span.