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The air heaters Agriculture and Industry models allow effective and concrete results in order to heat greenhouses with excellent yields.

The compact size and the capability to be hung up to the greenhouse structure makes the installation of this product easy in any room.

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These systems can be supplied with single or twin wheels: Trolley version. Otherwise, they are furnished with supports in case of Hanging version. Agriculture models are easily movable.

The large flow of warm air at medium temperature means that air heaters are indispensable in greenhouses, mushroom farms, farms, workshops, warehouses and stables.

The generators version Industry models are suitable to be installed in every type of greenhouse, but also in outdoor environments such as factories or warehouses.

These generators have been designed to tackle any weather condition and environment. Industry models can be located externally without any protection. They can be located right outside of buildings that require heating.

Technical Details

  • Source of energy: gas burner, oil or LPG.

  • Control panel with digital thermostat.

  • Pipe fittings and headers are specific for air outlet

  • On request we can provide a biomass generator (wood).


ModelPower kcal/h
Hanging - Agriculturefrom 29.000 to 350.000
Horizontal Trolley - Agriculturefrom 20.000 to 125.000
Vertical Trolely - Agriculturefrom 95.000 to 350.000
Industryfrom 29.000 to 850.000
Industry (outdoor use)
from 29.000 to 850.000
Hanging (sealed chamber)
from 29.000 to 85.000

Case Study

Project IPER
Zero Km

25.000 square meters of tunnels at "Il Centro" shopping center in Arese (Metropolitan City of Milan)

chooses Lucchini

ATLANTIC and ORIENTE TS models for greenhouses and shading structures for flowers production


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