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A technology developed to operate on large areas of land.

The Multytunnel Greenhouse has been designed thanks to a continuous and fruitful dialogue with horticulture growers in order to combine the advantages of greenhouse cultivation with large areas, keeping costs low.

By multiplying the number of spans, the Greenhouse can cover large portions of land. Easy installation, strength, better productivity are Multytunnel Greenhouse main features.

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It's the right greenhouse if you grow...

Lettuce/Baby Leaf


Straight side design.
Greenhouse access for mechanical vehicles.
Easy installation without concrete casting.
Customisation according to customer needs with horizontal tie rods.
Customisation with sprinkler or drip irrigation system.
Customization with the addition of manual winders on each span, for even more effective climate control.

Technical Details

  • Galvanized steel arch structures with round tube diameter 60 mm and thickness 2 mm.

  • Wheelbase arches from 1.50 to 2.00 meters. The wheelbase is calculated so that the structure can resist the weight of the snow and of the wind pressure.


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