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Functional and convenient for energy production.

Based on the proven structure of the Multyatlantic Evoluzione greenhouse, the photovoltaic greenhouse by Idromeccanica Lucchini has a hot-dip galvanized and coated steel structure and combines the properties of Multyatlantic with the possibility of producing energy to be used during the production cycle or to be sold to an energy manager.
The inclination of the pitch and the arrangement of the panels have been designed to optimize the density of the cells and maximize their efficiency.

Fully customizable, the photovoltaic greenhouse is available both with covering silicon panels and in the semi-transparent version. This variant allows a greater solar excursion ideal for cultivation, but a lower energy production.
The greenhouse is available both with panels arranged on a single south-facing pitch, and with both pitches equipped with photovoltaic cells to maximize the production of electricity.
Highly automated, the photovoltaic greenhouse can be equipped with ridge windows or automatic ventilation to better manage the internal thermoregulation.
Curated by Idromeccanica Lucchini from design to delivery, the structure is designed and built in compliance with the standards of the laws for the static calculation of steel structures.

Idromeccanica Lucchini provides a turnkey delivery service and offers specific advice for matching with the energy manager.

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It's the right greenhouse if you grow...

Lettuce/Baby Leaf


Extensive customization options: Single or double-layered roofing;
Silicon or semi-transparent panels;
Different types of coverage.

Possibility of installing ridge and side openings, manual or automatic.

Technical Details

  • Structure with 80x80 mm square section pillars and rectangular section galvanized tube arches complete with tie rod and supports, tested to withstand high stresses due to snow and wind loads.

  • The structure is entirely galvanized in Sendzimir Z 275.

  • Single or double inflated plastic film covering (long lasting).

  • Side roll-up openings, complete with plastic retaining profiles for film fixing (single, double, or up-down).

  • Possibility of installing a single ridge opening.

  • Possibility of motorized openings with automated management.

  • Fronts in film, alveolar polycarbonate, corrugated polycarbonate, or sandwich panel.

  • Optimized for the installation of advanced cultivation systems and technologies.

  • Arrangement with C-profile steel purlins for PV panels installation.



5,00 m

(single layer roof)

-5,90 m

8,00 m

(single layer roof)

-5,90 m

10,00 m

(double layer roof)

3,50 m5,75 m

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Solar Greenhouse: functional and convenient for energy production.

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