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The selective light transmission.

The specific photo-selective filter with bracing effect allows to obtain more compact plants, more resistant to transplanting stress (in the case of nursery plants, for example), to the advantage of the fructification compared to the vegetative development.

• Exceptional transparency
• Reduction of total heat transmitted
• Brilliance and intensity
• No interference at all
• Persistence
• Light transmission: 80%
• Thickness:210 microns
• Diffuse light: 10%
• Thermal effect:75%
• Available in 1 ton coils or cut to size with widths up to 14 meters
• Available with anti-drip treatment (AG)

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CLARIX BLUE film includes ‘anti-fogging additive (AG) option: it increases film tension on the surface, thus it avoids phenomenon of fogging and dripping.

Technical Details

  • Excellent transparency.

  • Reduction of the solar heat.

  • Brightness and intensity.

  • No interference.

  • Preservation.

  • Light transmission:80%

  • Thickness:210micron

  • Light diffusion:10%

  • Thermal effect:75%

  • Available in reels or cut to size with widths up to 14 meters.


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