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Multyhortus is the perfect greenhouse for horticulturists aiming to cover large areas.

The Multyhortus is one of the most long-lived models among the range of multi-span greenhouses offering by Idromeccanica Lucchini. Quality, solidity and robustness make Multyhortus a highly appreciated and requested greenhouse both in Italy and abroad.
The highly competitive price, the simple structure, the ease of installation and the practicality of use have allowed Multyhortus to be spread all over the world.

Require Estimate

It's the right greenhouse if you grow...

Lettuce/Baby Leaf


Simple structure.
Quick installation.
Customization of ventilation systems according to the needs.
Single central post fixed to the ground with "drill" or "plate".
Sturdy galvanized gutters with special "rolling" tubes and clips for fixing and tensioning the plastic film, or galvanized profiles and PVC plastic locks in case of double layer covering option.

The calculations of the reinforcement rods and the lead distances between arches will be performed according to the type of cultivation (crop support or hanging support for the irrigation system) and the destination location considering potential snow and wind loads.

Technical Details

  • Galvanized structure with posts and arches in galvanized tube Ø 60 with tie rod on all arches.

  • Long lasting single or double layer film covering.

  • Vents with attachments on gutters with tensioning tubes or profiles.

  • Front side covered with film, cellular polycarbonate or transparent corrugated material. Alternatively, film covered vents.

  • Optional roof vents.

  • Optional roof vents motorization with computerized control.


8,00 m variabile fino ad
un'altezza di 3,50 m

up to height m 3,50

+ 2,00 m

dal tirante / ridge height
9,00 m

variabile fino ad
un'altezza di 3,00 / 3,50 m

up to height m 3,00 / 3,50

+ 2,00/2,50 m dal tirante / ridge height
10,00 m

variabile fino ad
un'altezza di 3,00 / 3,50 m

up to height m 3,00 / 3,50

+ 2,30/2,00 m dal tirante / ridge height

Video Presentation

The Multyhortus multi-span greenhouses.

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Case Study

The Multyhortus greenhouse: a bridge between reality and innovation

Designed for horticulturists who need to cover large areas

Sprinkler irrigation

Thanks to the water system sprinkler irrigation improves the production of the crop

chooses Lucchini

ATLANTIC and ORIENTE TS models for greenhouses and shading structures for flowers production


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