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Oriente TS has been leading for years both the horticulture and floriculture.

Oriente TS is the "historical" greenhouse made with bows round tube Ø 60 that over the last few years have availed itselve of an incremental innovation that led to the ability to create new versions of tunnel with multiple benefits in efficiency and effectiveness in agri-business.

Oriente TS has been leading for years both the horticulture and floriculture. Therefore, Idromeccanica Lucchini is the absolute leader in the Italian market and lately also abroad with this product line.

The advanced production system of Idromeccanica Lucchini guarantees very short time supply, even in case of big projects, and especially these structures are easy to be assembled on the spot.

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It's the right greenhouse if you grow...

Lettuce/Baby Leaf


Oriente TS tunnel greenhouse is supplied with aluminum profiles for fixing the roof and window plastic film, it is also supplied with side arches for wind protection and a baseboard.

Front tie rods (made in galvanized pipe), ridge spacers and windbracings, side roll-up openings (manual or automatic) can also be provided to achieve natural ventilation inside the tunnel.

Technical Details

  • Galvanized structure with or without tie-beam reinforcement depending on the spot (snow loads) and kind of cultivation (hanging loads).

  • Coverage is made of plastic film (single or double) – long life cycle guaranteed.

  • Openings are made of aluminum profiles. Otherwise it is possible to install a roller pipe assisted by a system that tenses film.

  • Front sides are available either wrapped in a plastic film or transparent wavy polycarbonate.

  • Bases are fixed on the ground through excavations.


4,20 m2,20/2,40 m3,10 m
5,00 m2,20/2,50 m2,90 m
6,00 m2,20 m2,90 m
7,80 m2,20/2,70 m3,40/4,00 m
8,00 m2,20/2,70 m
3,40/4,00 m
9,00 m2,20/3,00 m
3,40/4,20 m
10,00 m2,40/3,00 m
3,60/4,20 m

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