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Aluminum benches both fixed and wheeled, suitable for any customer need.

Idromeccanica Lucchini produces a large variety of benches perfectly suitable for flower farming, garden centers, nurseries and retailers.
The benches Modulo Fix and Modulo R have a bearing structure made of hot-dip galvanized square tube with treated bolts. The tray structure is realized with aluminum alloy in order to guarantee low weight and avoid corrosion providing great overall robustness and longevity.

Polistirene water trays, UV treated, with drainage ducts for ensuring a good water distribution and allowing ebb & flow system. Filter to prevent stack of residues as soil and leaves, and valve for Ebb & Flow irrigation system.
The Modulo Fix model features fixed height adjustable, while Modulo R is equipped with a set of swivel wheels with a self-locking brake. The benches are ready for use and do not require installation.

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The benches for greenhouses have a wide possibility of customization according to the customer’s needs. Following options are available:
• Stationary benches
• Rolling benches with special guides to ensure tank movement
• Height and slope adjustment of the platform
• Under bench heating with coils in polyethylene tube inserted under the aluminum platform
• Under bench heating with HOT BOX heating panels (which ensure even heating controlled by thermostat)

The Modulo Fix and Modulo R benches are suitable for both display and cultivation.
All modules can be provided with a HIPS platform or electro-welded galvanized mesh and can be supplied pre-assembled or disassembled / loose parts (especially for international projects).

Technical Details

  • STANDARD MEASURES: - m. 1.00 x 2.00 - m. 1.20 x 2.50 - m. 1.20 x 3.00 - m. 1.60 x 3.00 - m. 1.60 x 3.50

  • Other sizes are possible on request.

  • Aluminum alloy structure which guarantees extremely low weight.

  • Polystyrene tank, UV treated, with drainage ducts.

  • Filter which prevents accumulation of dirt such as soil and foliage.

  • Ebb and flow valve HS Ø10

  • Stands in hot-dip galvanized square tubular 40x40x1.5 mm

  • Fixed feet adjustable in height - 8 cm threaded bar.

  • Galvanized bolts.

  • Maximum supported weight up to 70 kg / m².

  • Shelf height from the ground cm. 75.

  • ON REQUEST the benches can be supplied with:

  • Set of swivel wheels with brakes.

  • Ebb and flow valve mod. QUICK Ø10.

  • Maximum supported weight up to Kg / m² 90.

  • Ground clearance: cm. 100 - 55 - 35 approx.

  • Electrowelded - galvanized wire mesh shelf.

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