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Investing in LED artificial lighting means controlling spectral distribution of light, both in integration with the solar one, and as main light source.

Thanks to the partnership with experienced and certified manufacturers, the solutions proposed by Idromeccanica Lucchini, are suitable for all specific needs. Successful installations have been applied in vertical farming, commercial greenhouses, indoor growth chambers, garden centers and even production areas with special lighting requirements and hybrid installations.

• Spectral composition control and dynamic light intensity control.
• Energy saving.
• Long life with no reduction of light emission over time.
• Constant light on plants thanks to optical lens system.

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Thanks to the experience and the link with the best brands in the field of Greenhouse climate management, Idromeccanica Lucchini offers control systems for the automation of the greenhouse that can be applied in different sectors: from greenhouses with a high automation level, the simplest greenhouses, allowing optimal and convenient control.
The portfolio of customized solutions allows the control of all the specific plants necessary for the growth of each plant.

Regardless of the level of complexity, each system achieves several benefits:
• Apply appropriate cultivation strategies.
• Improving the growth and production process.
• Improving the use of labour.
• Significantly reduce energy consumption.
• Reduce consumption of plant protection products.
• Improving the quality and uniformity of plants.

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Idromeccanica Lucchini, in partnership with important companies, provides a complete range of gutters for soilless cultivation. Each gutter is available in various sizes so that it can adapt to the need of the plant, starting from solanaceae to small fruits.

• Makes cultivation on sterile land possible.
• Water saving and irrigation homogeneity.
• Saving of fertilizers.
• Optimum air circulation through the harvest.
• Better control of plant growth.
• Fewer opportunities for disease and parasite development.
• Increase in labour productivity.
• Improved working conditions by working at the correct height.

These benefits give result in higher productivity and better quality.

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In supply to turnkey solutions, Idromeccanica Lucchini also offers a series of essential accessories for the start-up and care of the crop growth process, regardless of the cultivation technique chosen.

Among the various accessories proposed we find:
• Accessories for crop support.
• Self-propelled systems for logistical support and handling of the harvested product.
• Equipment to support production and crop management personnel.

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