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High transparency displaying the best crops

PATILUX is ideal for crops that require as an essential factor the intensity of natural sunlight, even in critical seasonal periods for low insolation, thus allowing early harvesting and excellent quality for both floricultural and horticultural products.

• Exceptional transparency
• Very good thermal effect
• High mechanical properties
• Persistence
• Light transmission 90%
• Thickness 200 micron
• Diffuse light 10%
• Thermal effect 80%
• Available in 1 ton coils or cut to size with widths up to 14 meters
• Available with anti-drip treatment (AG)
• Available in TUV treatment for total open band of all ultraviolet

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It is a EVA film. It has advanced design since its introduction on the market, designed and built to meet customers’ needs. Main sectors of cultivation supplied are floriculture and horticulture.
Patilux has a life cycle of 4-5 years, depending on latitude and weather film has single or double layer(double inflated film).

PATILUX film includes ‘anti-fogging additive’ (AG) option: it increases film tension on the surface, thus it avoids phenomenon of fogging and dripping.

Technical Details

  • Excellent transparency.

  • High thermal effect.

  • High mechanical properties.

  • Preservation.

  • Light transmission:90%

  • Thickness:200micron

  • Light diffusion:10%

  • Thermal effect:80%

  • Available in reels or cut to size with widths up to 14 meters.


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