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Cooling systems are getting a huge momentum in agri-business and greenhouses industry.

Indeed, the aim to optimize climate management in production plants is necessary because of thermal stresses and sometimes tough external conditions (climatic) that are not suitable for growth. Therefore, in order to mitigate these gaps of temperature (especially in hot spots of the earth), we do need cooling systems.
In order to cool down greenhouses, it is crucial to optimize important factors of the structure (volume, ventilation system and type of coverage). If structural layout is not enough to chill out, it is strongly suggested to do it through cooling systems: cooling system or irrigation system with nebulization or fog system.

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Cooling systems
These type of installation are composed by evaporating panels on one edge of the greenhouse and fans / extractors placed on the opposite side. These last, creating a depression (which draws the external air inside the greenhouse), they induce the passage through the panel cooling the air.

The panel is made from a special cellulose that makes it resistant to decomposition, in addition, to facilitate water absorption. The panel, even if can cover large soak spaces, has a minimum air resistance and is completed by a distribution system / recovery tank for the water. It is made composed of water recovery, pipelines and recovery gutters for water re-circulation. Water is driven by a pump sized appropriately.

The fans / extractors are calculated in function of the room to be treated (volume).

Fog systems
Regarding cooling systems through fog system, following products are available:

- Cooling and humidification units operate with a fan connected to a humidifier and a water re-circulation system that allows the atomization of the water inside the greenhouse. These are low-cost products, easy-to-install and manage. The output is really effective and really low time consuming.

- Sprinklers inside the greenhouse work through an hanging irrigation system to which are connected nebulizers.

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Project IPER
Zero Km

25.000 square meters of tunnels at "Il Centro" shopping center in Arese (Metropolitan City of Milan)

chooses Lucchini

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