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Air fans provide perfect solution through an high effectiveness of air circulation inside the greenhouse.

Hot air tends to rise, whereas cold air, which is heavier, drops down to the ground. In this way, the moisture that evaporates from the soil in the greenhouse sticks to cold walls.

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With air fans installation, properly proportionated to greenhouse dimensions, is possible to create a phenomenon that induces air circulation while also eliminating condensation still stuck to the walls of the greenhouse.

Circulators jointed to an hot-air generator increase air boost. Thus, hot air distribution in-door is more uniform.

Technical Details


ModelWattDiameter ØAir Flow m³/hFanrpmV
400195 M400 mm3.800STEEL1.400220 1Ph
400195 T400 mm3.800STEEL1.400380 3Ph
450250 M450 mm6.000PVC1.400220 1Ph
450250 T450 mm6.000PVC1.400380 1Ph
500375 M500 mm9.500PVC1.400220 1Ph
500250 T500 mm7.000PVC900380 3Ph
500375 T500 mm9.500PVC1.400380 3Ph
660375 T660 mm13.000PVC900380 3Ph

Case Study

Project IPER
Zero Km

25.000 square meters of tunnels at "Il Centro" shopping center in Arese (Metropolitan City of Milan)

chooses Lucchini

ATLANTIC and ORIENTE TS models for greenhouses and shading structures for flowers production


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