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Product life cycle has an average of 5years, depending of usage.

They are covering films for long-lasting anti-condense and thermal greenhouses particularly suitable to make double-film inflated roofing, especially in floriculture field.

• Light transmission 90%
• Thickness 200 microns
• Diffuse light 25%
• Thermal effect 85%
• Available in 1 ton coils or cut to size with widths up to 15 meters

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LUMISOL film includes ‘anti-fogging additive’ (AG) option: it increases film tension on the surface, thus it avoids phenomenon of fogging and dripping.

Technical Details

  • Light transmission:90%

  • Thickness:200micron

  • Light diffusion:25%

  • Thermal effect:85%

  • Available in reels or cut to size with widths up to 15 meters.


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