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Structure created to meet the numerous protection farming needs.

Idromeccanica Lucchini studied and built the Agri Tunnel in collaboration with its customers to meet the needs of farming sector. Starting from the need to provide protected storage for hay bales, the greenhouse has evolved to be able to shelter agricultural vehicles and other work materials.

The Agricultural Greenhouse Tunnel now offers perfect protection thanks to a robust, economic structure, with large volumes and easy to assemble.

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The Agricultural Greenhouse Tunnel It is a shelter structure made up of gothic arches in galvanized round tube with a diameter of Ø 60 mm or Ø 76 mm. The structure is strengthened by means of a tie rod in the upper part of the arch and by longitudinal spacers. Installation takes place by digging in the ground or with plates to be fixed on reinforced concrete walls

The height of these structures allows you to keep very tall and bulky agricultural vehicles away. The simplicity of the structure and the technology used to produce it allow a considerable reduction of costs with the possibility of proposing it on the market with very interesting and less expensive prices compared to the construction of a reinforced concrete shed.

Technical Details

  • Galvanized structure with galvanized tube arches Ø 76 mm.

  • The structure is entirely galvanized in Sendzimir Z 275.

  • Spacer lines connecting the arches.

  • Tie rod on all models.

  • PVC tarpaulin cover in various colors (also fireproof).

  • Front cladding and access door installation is possible.


6,00 m3,70 m4,20 m
8,00 m4,50 m5,20 m
10,00 m5,65 m6,50 m
12,00 m5,50 m6,70 m

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Developed to meet growers expectations to operate on large areas

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A safe barrier to protect crops.

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