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A hail-safe shelter for agricultural vehicles and motor vehicles.

ATLANTIC - ANTIGRANDINE is dedicated to all automotive operators who need to protect vehicles parked in storage areas from hail, but to the end-customer as well.

The main feature of this multi-span greenhouse, simple and economical, is the possibility of using the side space to park even higher vehicles such as cab or vans. The "cover-uncover" system, also allows you to manually wrap the covering net on the top of each span, saving money on disassembling operations at the end of the season.

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The arches are made of galvanized structural steel with round tube diameter 60 mm. - thickness 2 mm. The wide distance between the arches of m. 4,50/5,00, properly calculated for the wind resistance, allows to have large surfaces free from poles.
The coverage is carried out with robust anti-hail nets U.V./shading treated, long-lasting, with winding system.
In addition to the roof, it is possible to cover the sides and the fronts with network and manual or motorized winding system, which thus allows you a better protection for the vehicles parked on the outer perimeter.
Quick to assemble thanks to sturdy fasteners that couple the arches together. They can be mounted on farmland, paved squares, concrete stalls or asphalt squares.

Technical Details

  • Galvanized structure with arches in galvanized tube diameter 60.

  • Long-lasting U.V. treated shade/anti-hail net cover.

  • Roof cover-out system.

  • Possibility of openings with manual or motorized winding on side and front.

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Anti-hail structure dedicated to all operators in the Automotive sector.

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