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The Perfect climate and light control.

Our Ombrae Line combines the structural elements of our greenhouses (both single and multiple span, tunnel or straight wall) with the advantages of shading covers such as nets or screens. Once established the crops, the climatic conditions, the needs of the cultivation cycle, Ombrae allows you obtaining maximum climate control and perfect light control. Ombrae Line protects the plants for what is strictly necessary and without affecting the benefits of the "open field".

This line has a great success in floriculture. Furthermore, thanks to the experience of Idromeccanica Lucchini on international Markets, the solutions proposed by the Ombrae Line are applicable everywhere, in order to maximize the benefit of natural agents, but respecting the ideal needs of plants. Benefits are even greater if we refer to flowers, arboreal, ornamental or nursery plants, which need climatic induction to strengthen and mature before sale or transplantation for the production phase (horticultural).

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Lightweight and slim structures to maximise the "open field" effect.
Ease of installation even with systems that do not need Concrete.
Fixing components for both fixed and temporary roofs, with great attention to materials durability. Possibility of seasonal-only coating for summer growing cycles in areas with snow.
Possibility of automation applied to the handling of shading/anti-hail covers, or ventilation openings with the aim of maximizing the quality of the underlying cultivation.
Possibility of packaging hybrid solutions through accessories of the Defendo Line (ergo anti-insect nets).

Technical Details

  • Sendzimir Z275 galvanized structure.

  • White/green/black shading/anti-hail net cover with different degrees of shadow.

  • Netting assembly/disassembly systems with clips, aluminum profiles and winding tubes.

  • The structures allow customization and sizing according to client’s needs.

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A wide range of models and solutions for every terrain! All over the world.

With over 75 years of experience, Idromeccanica Lucchini renews its range of products every day

Sprinkler irrigation

Thanks to the water system sprinkler irrigation improves the production of the crop

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ATLANTIC and ORIENTE TS models for greenhouses and shading structures for flowers production


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