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21 March 2024 / 4 minutes read

California Dreamin'

The Central Valley, heart of California agriculture, beats to the rhythm of Lucchini's innovations, which has been active in the area for more than a decade.

Lucchini's American adventure began with the installation of technologically advanced nurseries and greenhouses, particularly for growing tomatoes in the Central Valley, east of San Francisco. A region known for its intense agricultural activity, including fruits, vegetables, nuts and more.

Initially focused on the production of nurseries for industrial sauces, Lucchini has gradually evolved its presence from a two-year greenhouse schedule to a demand for fully automated nurseries. This transition responds to a crucial challenge in California agriculture: labor costs. Idromeccanica Lucchini, with its European experience and Italian "know-how," has provided technological innovations and automated solutions in an area influenced by the proximity of Silicon Valley - the U.S. technological heartland.

Supply and Demand

However, despite the presence of impressive machines, plying the endless American fields, North American agricultural technology has lagged behind in specific areas. Lucchini's demand emerged as a response to this gap, helping to drive automation in plant production while maintaining a focus on protected crops, a sector in which Italy and Europe have a strong tradition.

2020 marked another successful chapter for Lucchini, providing greenhouses for vine nurseries in the wine-growing area north of Sacramento. This new branch of the business, called "Red Bluff," added a viticultural dimension to Lucchini's expertise, which had already successfully - as mentioned - entered the greenhouse world.

The third chapter in this story is represented, however, by a hyper-technological glass greenhouse intended for a hotel in the Central Valley. This experimental greenhouse, in addition to producing extremely high-quality fruits and vegetables for the hotel's restaurant, is designed for the future hydroponic cultivation of tomatoes. In addition to its practical function, this structure also has a high aesthetic value; a kind of attraction, visible both from the highway and from the hotel gardens themselves.
A new successful experiment for Idromeccanica Lucchini: a project that can be replicated in special situations and a showcase for new, more "aesthetic" interventions in California.

Between identity and new horizons

In any case, Lucchini never loses sight of its core identity. While exploring new horizons, the company's core remains firmly rooted in the market niches in which it has already garnered wide acclaim and recognition in Italy and Europe. The focus is on positive word of mouth, with the goal of creating a network of loyal customers who appreciate Lucchini's dedication and passion.

Our multicultural team of California engineers, Mexican site managers and Italian workers successfully coordinates the implementation of these complex projects. The different time zones, wide geographic distances, and linguistic heterogeneity present us with an ongoing challenge, which is met and overcome with passion and dedication. Initially seeking clients with international visions, the company creates a fertile dialogue with medium/large companies. 

In this dynamic, ever-changing world, Idromeccanica Lucchini remains constantly at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of agricultural innovation and consolidating its presence in the land of the American Dream.


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