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25 January 2024 / 6 minutes read

Idromeccanica Lucchini to train new generations of growers

Agriculture is a quick changing sector. The needs given by climate modifications, the transformation of eating habits and the need to have an ever less impact on land consumption and the environment pose new challenges that will find solutions in the future also thanks to the new generations. For this reason it is becoming increasingly important to invest in the training of future agricultural entrepreneurs, starting from the world of school.

The presence of Idromeccanica Lucchini in the lineup

Over the years, Idromeccanica Lucchini has collaborated with both Italian and foreign research institutes and universities to find new technical and engineering solutions for its greenhouse systems. Last 2023, thanks to a tender financed by the Italian State, the company was able to start a collaboration with a high school technical institute, for the creation of new educational systems for agriculture.

The Riva Institute of Sarnico

The project, which involved the Riva Institute of Sarnico, involved the construction of a modular greenhouse with plastic film covering. The structure, which has been designed to be solid and safe and therefore guarantee the highest standards for teachers and students, is equipped with a soilless system, an Ebb&Flood irrigation system and an automated climate conditioning system.

In order to provide a flexible and educational tool, each greenhouse was created with simple technologies, but at the same time sufficiently advanced to help students understand soilless cultivation techniques. The mobile benches, which allow you to experiment with different crops and processing strategies, were created with an ethical concept of circular economies, with the aim of reducing waste and therefore also transmitting this value to future generations of entrepreneurs.

Why this Institute?

The project aimed to train new generations of farmers, providing them with the skills necessary to use innovative technologies and respond to the threats of climate change. For Idromeccanica Lucchini it was an interesting challenge as the technical institute represents a type of "hybrid" customer, who requires simple, inexpensive, but at the same time safe, flexible and high-tech solutions. The experience gained by the company at the Riva Institute has provided Idromeccanica Lucchini with new knowledge in a previously unexplored field. In addition to the hardware and software, Idromeccanica Lucchini also provided its know-how to train technical and teaching staff in the use of the systems and greenhouses.


This showcase is a virtuous example of how companies can support to the training of young people and the future of the country. The project provided students with the skills needed to face the challenges of the future, helping to create a new generation of more efficient and sustainable farmers.


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