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Urban Farming & Co.

Upgrading disused urban areas in Italy

The principle of urban farming is based on four key factors: to guarantee a continuous supply of fresh products for consumption, anywhere, always and at low cost. Therefore, the product will be available when it is required, will have greater and constant quality compared to other agricultural products and will, therefore, make it possible to lower any type of risk of infection and deterioration. Thanks to its technical properties, the BoxXLand Container, will provide: thermal insulation, a closed HVAC system (Heat, Ventilation, Air conditioning and Cooling) so ventilation and air conditioning, pallet cultivation, Ebb & Flood system (hydroponic system), closed irrigation circuit, artificial LED lighting, fertigation (a technique that allows fertilisers to be delivered together with irrigation water) and climate control. What will be the ideal crops thanks to the urban farming system? Numerous and equally varied crops growing towards a new form of agriculture: Italian Basil, Lettuce, Parsley, Pink Basil, Rocket, Spinach, Lamb's lettuce, Radicchio and many others. And finally, the advantages: large cultivated area (19.20 m2), production cycle of 20-25 days with the possibility of repeating the cycle every week (in ideal conditions). Elisabetta Bernini

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