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The dosing unit is installed in-line, following the irrigation system and exploits water pressure as a driving force.



When is running, it accomplishes these following steps:
It suctions concentrated product and doses it to the desired percentage.
The percentage is homogenized with driving water in the mixing chamber
The solution produced is then delivered to the line
Product dose is injected and remains constant and strictly proportional to the volume of water passing through the dispenser, regardless of variations in pressure and flow rate which may occur
Due to the high precision of the dosing, it eliminates any excess thus ensuring crop’s health and greater respect for the environment nearby.

Applications: Crop fertilization
Treatment: dosages of phytosanitary products, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides
Disinfect and ensure maintenance
In general, it is perfect for dosing any liquid or water-soluble.

  • Can be installed using the existing irrigation circuit.
  • Dispenser does not require any electric node because is wholly driven by hydraulic power.
  • Dosing accuracy avoids any waste of product.
  • Dispenser autonomy saves from any kind of manual intervention.
  • Continuous flow process.
  • It can be adjusted via remote.


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