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07 March 2024 / 4 minutes read

Cultivating human relationships for circular networking

In the digital age in which we are soaked, where connections seem to be governed by the algorithms of electronic devices, the importance of human relationships is becoming increasingly evident. A tangible example of how personal connections can revolutionize the business world recently emerged through a private event organized by Idromeccanica Lucchini.

The occasion, reserved for international customers and distributors, represented not only a moment of encounter between people from different parts of Europe, but also a valuable opportunity to break the barriers of conventions, breaking out of traditional patterns and digital screens. Indeed, Massimo and Emanuele Lucchini demonstrated that the owner who is dedicated with humility and passion, and strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment, is not only a symbol, but also a crucial step into the future.

The event, the preview of the “Orticoltura tecnica in campo” Open Days, organized by Idromeccanica Lucchini, held on January 23, 2024, was attended by 20 people from all over Europe, with a focus on the strong markets of northern and eastern Europe.

A unique experience
The secret behind this success lies in Massimo and Emanuele Lucchini's desire to offer customers a unique experience. The event was designed not only as a showcase for the company's products and innovations, but as a way to bring customers directly into Lucchini's family environment.

This particular approach both reinforced the company's ‘premium’ positioning in the marketplace and underscored the company's steady investment over the past five years. Lucchini's story is based on caring for one's home and also on showing our network what kind of company we are and want to be.

The company ‘tour’ was more than just a presentation of industrial aspects. It was a real opportunity to experience local traditions, taste food and wine delicacies, immerse ourselves in the rural setting, and enjoy the beauty of Garda Lake and Verona.

Cultivating relationships to share knowledge
The company's history has melded with the fertile humus of the surrounding area, creating a positive and lasting bond with the network of partner companies as well, from diverse backgrounds growing in different countries, while creating a fertile ground for networking and knowledge exchange.

Meeting with partner companies, such as Gremizzi, highlighted the maniacal attention to detail, passion and order, showing itself as a best practice that customers can take back home with them.

This marketing model, based on human experience, albeit as a first experiment, proved to be an important and effective tool. The cheery and joyful atmosphere demonstrated that stepping outside the box and screens can create an effect of pride and belonging to a large multicultural family: increasing Lucchini's accountability and, at the same time, employee engagement.

This preview was a celebration of an inclusive approach to knowledge, demonstrating that the true circular economy is the one of human relationships and sharing experiences. An approach that could truly become a marketing model to be repeated in the near future-as well as a tangible example of how it is possible, by cultivating human relationships, to generate mutual enrichment and collective improvement.

Matteo Lucchini Sales & Marketing Director
Idromeccanica Lucchini
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