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20 February 2024 / 4 minutes read

Orticoltura Tecnica in Campo

The Open Days of "Orticoltura e Tecnica in Campo" represent the largest and longest-running agritech innovation kermesse in Italy, created in 1995 by the joint will of Idromeccanica Lucchini, the Gremizzi farm - active in the sector since 1980 - and Ferrari Growtech, which has been involved in transplanting and vegetable care since 1961. A triad that represents the know-how in both Italian and European sphere of cutting-edge agriculture.

Now, in its 18th edition, this biennial event has, as always, been eagerly awaited; especially this year, since the last edition was held before the advent of the Covid pandemic in January 2020.
With the participation of more than 50 exhibitors the event has become a benchmark in the field of agricultural technological mechanics, positioning Italian companies as world leaders for their flexibility and creative genius. An ancestral soft skill, which cannot be learned on manuals - as it belongs to Italy’s genius loci, transmissible only by osmosis.

Not just a "fair" 

The kermesse stands out for being much more than just a trade fair: it is, at the same time, an exhibition, a special event, a meeting occasion and an open day. Idromeccanica Lucchini, the creator and co-founder of the event, has actively contributed to shaping this tradition, continuously dialoguing with the fertile ground of Italian Small and Medium Enterprises - which (possessing that malleability and creativity which are often lost in the mazes of large companies) have allowed to arrive at the construction of this event so special in its kind. 

What makes this occasion unique, in fact, is its human value, which acts as a glue between the large participating companies. In a sector where Italy often lacks the creation of a shared system and network, Idromeccanica Lucchini and "Orticoltura e Tecnica in campo" stand out as an exceptional case study, which can easily compete with the most important realities of Northern Europe. 

The organization and history of the event are so well thought out that they inspire real envy even at world fairs. It is not only a showcase of advanced agricultural technologies, but a unique opportunity to forge business deals, hybridize skills, contaminate knowledge, develop synergies and create investment opportunities for the future.

During the three multidisciplinary days participants had the great chance to experience a true kaleidoscope of knowledge. The hands-on component offered the opportunity to touch hands-on with new technologies in action, then combining scientific theory with certifications, studies and fundamental texts. Training is comprehensive and all-around, including topics such as applied chemistry and subsidized financing.

The numbers of the 18th edition
Participation was a remarkable success in 2024, with a total of nearly 5,000 people over the three days. More than fifty companies helped make these Open Days a milestone in the agricultural innovation agenda. 

The success of "Orticultura e Tecnica in Campo" continues to grow, but the real engagement starts now. Post-event follow-up and preparation for the next edition, scheduled for 2026, are (also) in the hands of Idromeccanica Lucchini. 

Cultivating relationships, innovating, passing on knowledge and keeping interest high are some of the key elements for a lasting and evolving path, just as the concept of "Open Day" suggests.


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