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06 August 2019 / 2 minutes read

Sprinkler irrigation

Thanks to the water system, made up of distribution lines in special aluminium alloy (diameter of 33 or 40) with quick coupling obtained from the actual pipe using advanced processing, not to mention the high humidity in the greenhouse, sprinkler irrigation improves the production of the crop, by reducing the transpiration of the plants and making the leaves stronger and brighter in colour. Further benefits can be seen on plants and flowers, as they flourish and become more robust, thus producing a limited amount of waste and improving the growth of mushrooms, flowers and berries.

It is possible to spray chemicals and fertilisers uniformly, without the need for an operator. Various types of aluminium joints of different shapes, allow for better comfort and the dynamics of the parts guarantee their tightness and safety.

Hooks or chains in galvanised steel for suspension inside the greenhouse, PVC sprayers equipped with threaded bushes for fixing to the inner pipe and solenoid valves and control units for automatic use, all help the user to work in complete comfort and autonomy.

Katia Savazzi Sales Manager
Idromeccanica Lucchini
irrigation nebulization automated systems
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