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Capability to create a micro-climate ideal for any plant.
Capability to hold and retain ground's heat.
Preserves from frost.
Preserves from hail and rain.
Effective barrier against insects.

Product guarantees:
Faster growth.
Increased production.
Enhanced quality.
Advanced harvesting in spring.
Late harvesting in autumn and winter harvesting.

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- Outstanding quality.
- Developed thanks to the open-field agriculture experience.
- High resistance.
- UV tested.
- Long life cycle (more than 1 season).
- Breathable fabric that eases plants.
- Permeable material (suitable for irrigation as well).

Protection form insects and small animals.
Eco-friendly and reciclable.
Thermo-stressresistance: from – 40 to + 80 °C.
Reels’ lenght: on request.
TNT grammages: from 17 to 60 g/m².
Neutral color. Other colors are available on request.
Films’ width: from 1 to 28 m.
Available heights (from 3,2 to 28 m) are wrapped in reels of 3,2 m or 1,6 m.

Thermo-neutral net
It is a HD-PEMaterial–UV stabilized, transparent, weight gr/m238 ca. Its main capability is to speed up plants growth. Indeed, it works has a barrier against rain, wind, cold, big insects, birds and small animals.

Technical Details

  • Instructions for use:

  • It should be lying gently, without straining, immediately after sowing or transplanting and sink it into the ground slightly by its sides.

  • Regarding tomatoes, beans, etc.. Please, remove the fabric when the plants have reached 15 cm height.

  • Regarding strawberries and other fruit vegetables. Please, remove it throughout the day when flowering occurs in order to allow pollination. Then, cover it again.


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