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Mulching on Polyethylene basis, or in biodegradable thermoplastic material.

POLYETHYLENE Covering film, polyethylene based, designed to ensure excellent mechanical resistance to tearing, drilling, trampling and allow complete removal from the ground at the end of use. It is produced in compliance with UNI EN 13655 2002 and, on request, it can be perforated or micro-perforated.

BIODEGRADABLE MATERIAL Mulching films obtained from biodegradable thermoplastic materials based on starches. At the end of use it can be milled directly in the soil, or sent to composting, drastically reducing collection and disposal costs and processing times. It allows an effective mulching, healthy and protective, offering a cheap solution for the farmer careful to environmental problems.

POLYPROPYLENE Range of polypropylene mulching fabrics, robust and porous, with high tread resistance. The colorful highlights placed every 15 cm facilitate the alignment of the vases. Simple to install, they can be laid on any soil, which remains free from weeds without any use of chemical herbicides.

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Mulching film offers a concrete response in terms of optimising mulching operations. It allows an effective antigerminative action against weeds, maintains the correct humidity of the soil, reduces erosion following rains, helps to preserve the structure and raise the temperature of the soil.

Excellent performance in the field.
It guarantees excellent results in the control of weeds, from an agronomic yield point of view and quality of the product grown.

Excellent versatility of use and mechanization.
It can be used with standard spreader and spreader-transplanting machines, at the same speed of processing of plastic films.

High compatibility and versatility.
It is used on a wide range of crops under very different climate and environmental conditions.

High environmental compatibility (biodegradable version).
The biodegradable version must not be collected or disposed. Simply incorporate it into the soil to transform it into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

High economic and management savings.
Analyzing the entire crop cycle, the savings of operations such as removal, recovery in the field and disposal, make it advantageous both in economic terms and in terms of management practicality.

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