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For 70 years,
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Developed to meet growers expectations to operate on large areas

Urban Farming & Co.

Upgrading disused urban areas in Italy

A wide range of models and solutions for every terrain! All over the world.

With over 70 years of experience, Idromeccanica Lucchini renews its range of products every day

The Multyhortus greenhouse: a bridge between reality and innovation

Designed for horticulturists who need to cover large areas

Sprinkler irrigation

Thanks to the water system sprinkler irrigation improves the production of the crop

The greenhouse of the future

The greenhouse is a necessary vehicle
to build a future
in the world of agriculture

Project IPER
Zero Km

25.000 square meters of tunnels at "Il Centro" shopping center in Arese (Metropolitan City of Milan)

chooses Lucchini

ATLANTIC and ORIENTE TS models for greenhouses and shading structures for flowers production